Black Swan costume sketches

So I saw Black Swan last night. I had no idea it was going to be that… intense. And creepy. It was absolutely amazing. The Swan Lake costumes by Rodarte were stunning. Here are sketches for the black swan and the white swan. Images via La Modella Mafia. Advertisements

Want to see: Tiny Furniture

“I feel like this outfit just screams, like, I’ve been living in Ohio for four years, take me back to your gross apartment and have sex with me.” (Obviously not the naked outfit in the scene above. I just really liked that shot.) Add this to the queue of movies I really want to see. … Continue reading


Apparently Gucci is making 3D glasses. For watching movies. And TV, I guess. In 3D. They cost $225. Uh. Although I could possibly see myself spending…  maybe $15 if I could find a pair of these vintage ones for sale. They’re pretty adorable. Photo via.  

I Am Love (or: Coming apart at the seams of Jil Sander dresses)

Wow. Wow. Wow. That was pretty much my reaction in the moments following the final scenes in I Am Love, sitting alone in the dark, stunned and awed. I knew I was a goner as soon as the movie started. Just look at the opening credits: And the intertitles: Looking at those side by side … Continue reading

Dear Alex Prager

Dear Alex Prager, Please continue this shift from still (yet very cinematic) photography into film, and make a feature. I have no doubt it would be brimming with gorgeousness and pathos and I’m pretty sure I would love it. Thanks. Ange via Style Rookie.


That was my attempt to make an internet word… a mix of tumblr and alert. Or is that obvious? If We Don’t, Remember Me has page after page of these awesome animated cinema gifs. They are gorgeous and awesome. Like you.

Halloween: Movies and costumes

Is it just me, or is Count Orlok‘s coat kind of on trend? So. Halloween. My Halloween was full of film (and other moving images), and it was delightful. If you like reading your horoscope (whether or not you then scoff at it) and haven’t yet had the pleasure of discovering Rob Brezsny’s Free Will … Continue reading

Horror movies come to life

Or rather, come to death. I totally forgot that today was Toronto’s Zombie Walk, so I was super excited when I was wandering around Kensington and a massive crowd of zombies started walking past me. It made my day. Some of the costumes were AMAZING (zombie Smurfs!). Also awesome: when a nearby store started blasting … Continue reading

Black, white and grey

My current place of work is about as casual as you can imagine. Day after day I wear jeans and a t-shirt.  At first I kind of liked it. Lately, though, on days I don’t work I find myself wanting to dress up a little, even when I’m not doing anything more than a trip … Continue reading

Me Without You (or: I just can’t get enough fishnet and taffeta)

This song randomly found its way into my life twice yesterday afternoon, and it inspired me to watch the movie it always makes me think of, Me Without You, by British director Sandra Goldbacher. Me Without You details the mega-intense friendship between Holly (Michelle Williams) and Marina (Anna Friel), from their adolescence in the 70s … Continue reading