The King’s muted tones

I saw the King’s Speech the other weekend. It was wonderful, and so so beautiful to look at, with its squid ink blue and sepia tones. Just after seeing the film I came across Miss Moss‘s splendid* contribution over at le projet d’amour: period film street style, parts 1 and 2. It includes this perfect … Continue reading

New Year’s resolution: blog more

Excuse my absence, I’ve been busy drinking eggnog and snogging people under the mistletoe. Not really. I’ve been living it up in Vancouver, and by living it up I mean eating lots of sushi and dim sum. I arrived in Toronto late last night and managed to sleep for a few hours before going back … Continue reading

Dressing for TIFF

Finally finally finally I am in Toronto for TIFF. In past years I would sigh my way through that 11 day period in September, disappointed by the fact that while the Vancouver or Atlantic film fest would be imminent – and would be awesome – those festivals would lack one important ingredient: lots of famous … Continue reading

Costume drunk: Behind the scenes at Angels Costumier Warehouse

photo from the clothes whisperer The other day I came across an amazing post at the clothes whisperer about the Angels Costumier Warehouse. This major force in costuming (located in London, alas) is openings it doors for public tours starting on Friday. For £20 you get to see all kinds of costuming amazingness. Apparently the … Continue reading

Vintage Balenciaga

Stills from a great short video of Balenciaga at work circa 1966 via A Shaded View on Fashion.


Rodarte (fashion label headed by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy) has long been on my radar (mostly because I love sisters who are involved in creative partnerships – I am especially sensitive to this theme right now because my sister and I are finally going to be living in the same city again very soon, … Continue reading

Eat Pray Love Shop

Full disclosure: I kind of adore Elizabeth Gilbert. I find her warm, engaging, funny and appealing, and this TED talk she gave on creativity is one of my favourite things (Like Oprah, I am fond of both favourite things and E.G. Or maybe Oprah secretly hates E.G. I would actually not be surprised.). I also … Continue reading