Coco & Igor (Or: What’s black and white and about two complete jerks?)

“You don’t like colour, Mademoiselle Chanel?” “As long as it’s black.” (Best quote ever.) I was right. Coco & Igor was gorgeous costume overload. It was also gorgeous house overload. Sadly, it was also complete jerk overload. Basically, Coco Chanel invites Igor Stravinsky and his family to stay in her home. He pounds on the … Continue reading

À nos amours (or: I want to dress like a Parisian teenager circa 1983)*

While the whole film was more than amazingly composed, the costuming was complete outfit porn. I was plunged into a state of aching lust. Coral red and teal and grey and blue and perfectly loose t-shirts with flared skirts and heels and geometric patterns and cuffed jeans and oh oh oh.