Must see: Bill Cunningham New York

Ack. Must. See. This. Lucky for me it opens in Toronto tomorrow. Advertisements

Want to see: Tiny Furniture

“I feel like this outfit just screams, like, I’ve been living in Ohio for four years, take me back to your gross apartment and have sex with me.” (Obviously not the naked outfit in the scene above. I just really liked that shot.) Add this to the queue of movies I really want to see. … Continue reading

I’m guessing this will involve flannel.

I recently discovered ThunderAnt (“a comedy duo featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein”) and I kind of love them a lot. Apparently they’re making a TV show for the Independent Film Channel set in Portland (Oregon, not Maine), called Portlandia. Fashionwise, I think it will be amazing. Like this x8000: Reason #342 I wish I … Continue reading

The oh so romantic relationship between commerce and art

J. Crew has shacked up with upcoming film The Romantics, so everyone involved looks really, really pretty. I think this was pretty damn smart on both sides, even though it makes me feel slightly dirty. What? Film is a business, not just (or even at all, in too many cases) art? The movie looks… I’m … Continue reading

Another September Issue

Speaking of the September Issue, apparently W magazine is filming a documentary about its own September issue, to be aired as a part of their new online film festival in October. Via New York Magazine.

On the awesome meter: epic

I am super psyched to see Scott Pilgrim when it comes out. It looks absolutely awesome. I just discovered that you can create your own Scott Pilgrim Avatar, and boy did I ever. So addictive. I found out about this via Paste Magazine, where you can find the Scott Pilgrimizations of a selection of everyone’s … Continue reading

Exploding with awesome

I have the feeling that when this comes out (in a form from which I can gather screencaps), there will just be page after page after page of amazing outfits worn by amazing women on amazing bicycles. I can’t wait to see this. Found via Bust.