The King’s muted tones

I saw the King’s Speech the other weekend. It was wonderful, and so so beautiful to look at, with its squid ink blue and sepia tones. Just after seeing the film I came across Miss Moss‘s splendid* contribution over at le projet d’amour: period film street style, parts 1 and 2. It includes this perfect … Continue reading

Me Without You (or: I just can’t get enough fishnet and taffeta)

This song randomly found its way into my life twice yesterday afternoon, and it inspired me to watch the movie it always makes me think of, Me Without You, by British director Sandra Goldbacher. Me Without You details the mega-intense friendship between Holly (Michelle Williams) and Marina (Anna Friel), from their adolescence in the 70s … Continue reading

Nowhere Boy (or: Happiness is a warm cardigan)

I saw Nowhere Boy a couple of nights ago. Artist Sam Taylor-Wood‘s first feature is a biopic, focusing on the young John Lennon’s relationships with his aunt, who raised him, and his mother, as well as the formation of the band that would evolve into the Beatles. I really enjoyed the film. I found the … Continue reading