Muppet chic

Image via Complex I have a very soft spot in my heart for the Muppets, and I’m super excited to go see the new Muppet movie. In my film fashion meanderings I came across this shot of Miss Piggy at New York Fashion Week, sitting next to one of my favourite ladies. Heart heart heart … Continue reading

The Exploding Girl (or: Countdown to spring dresses)

You guys, the days are officially getting longer. By some weird design, though, that means we’ve just hit the beginning of winter. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with movies, popcorn, and mugs of hot chocolate with cayenne. Side note: Are you aware of how much more delicious freshly popped … Continue reading

Black Swan costume sketches

So I saw Black Swan last night. I had no idea it was going to be that… intense. And creepy. It was absolutely amazing. The Swan Lake costumes by Rodarte were stunning. Here are sketches for the black swan and the white swan. Images via La Modella Mafia.

Sick day movies

I’m fighting off a cold. Along with the fluids and sleep traditionally recommended for staving off sickness, I’m a big fan of time spent on the couch watching movies. I, for one, revert to a total child when I get sick, and that includes my taste in films. For some reason all I want to … Continue reading

Metropolitan (or: Bows)

I finally watched Metropolitan, and while I enjoyed the experience, I was left feeling slightly uncertain what to make of it. Made in 1990, the film often feels like it belongs to a much earlier era. This tension between the present and the past is a key theme in the film, which focuses on a … Continue reading

Secretary (or: You are a visual representation of my business, and the way you dress is disgusting. Then super hot)

I watched Secretary last night. I saw it for the first time some time soon after it came out in 2002, and for some reason I found it entirely unremarkable. A good friend of mine, someone whose taste I absolutely trust, counts it as her favourite film of all time, so I decided I should … Continue reading

Pretty in Pink (or: Please, please, please let me get what I want this time. Iona’s sense of style)

From its opening frames — a series of hyper-close-ups of Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) getting dressed in her eclectic handmade outfit — it is clear that Pretty in Pink is a film about fashion, about style, and about what the things we wear say about us, along with what they don’t say. Andie is a … Continue reading

Reality Bites (Or: We’re on the road to nowhere, but we sure do look fine)

I’ve been craving a good, old-fashioned viewing of Reality Bites lately. Maybe it’s because I just graduated, and am myself currently occupying that floaty, uncertain space known as the cusp of real life. So today I closed the curtains against the world outside, made myself a pot of Kraft Dinner (although I replaced the macaroni … Continue reading

Greenberg (or: The men dress like children, the children dress like superheroes, and the women dress like pretty ladies)

Greenberg wasn’t what you would call a fashion smorgasbord. Mostly just Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) wandering around LA wearing a lot of brown and being acerbic (my favourite line in the film, Greenberg on Los Angeles fashion: “All the men out here dress like children, and the children dress like superheroes.”).