Jane Pratt and Clara Bow

If I were to pick the one magazine cover that stands out the most in my mind, out of all magazine covers EVER, it would probably be the Kurt and Courtney issue of Sassy from 1992 (runner up: anything featuring Drew Barrymore). I vividly remember being at the 7-11 on the corner (my childhood was spent walking back and forth between the Mac’s on the corner two blocks up from my apartment and the 7-11 two blocks down) and seeing this on the magazine stand. Everything but the cover is foggy – it may be that, despite the fact that the cover was emblazoned with an invitation to take a sex survey and I was 10 (although I was a 10-year-old whose favourite song ever was Salt-n-pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex), I convinced my fairly lenient dad to buy it for me. Or probably not. It doesn’t really matter, because already Jane Pratt had made her mark on my consciousness as she continued to do for the next thirteen years, first through Sassy, in all its glory, then through its younger yet older sister, Jane.

All I remember of the first issue of Jane that came out after Jane Pratt left is seeing someone named Brandon Holley listed as editor-in-chief and thinking “What the eff is this?” The thought remained with me as I flipped through the rest of the magazine.  I never bought another issue, and there has been a void in my life (yes, another one, that I tried to fill with reality TV and frozen mini cream puffs) ever since. Or rather, there had been. Because Jane Pratt is back.

When I heard that Jane was on the verge of starting up a new online… thing (what do we call online things?), I was pretty psyched. And when I got my email notification yesterday that xoJane was up and running, I was super psyched (Ireallyreallyhopeit’sgreat). I was also psyched that my work computer didn’t block it (and my work computer blocks our company’s own blog, so that’s saying something), so I spent a (tiny) bit of time perusing it (during my break. Really.). How this relates to cinema and fashion, you wonder?

Because one of the posts is a guide to decking yourself (or at least your face and hair) out like Clara Bow. This is something I can for sure get behind. My hair is currently pretty much doing what Ms. Bow’s is doing up there, and it’s awesome (hooray for springtime humidity). I will definitely be adding a smoky eye and cute little cupid’s bow mouth (the power of lip liner is not mentioned in this piece – I never wear it, but I tell you, it’s formidable) next time I want to look especially pretty. And/or forlorn. Preferably pretty.

Although I really wish the writer had penciled on the ridiculous eyebrows. Not that I will.


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