Eyeglasses and abandoned mansions

Y’all (Friday Night Lights may be over – sigh – but my affected use of the word y’all remains) know how much I love eyeglasses, be they vintage or, in this case, vintage inspired.

Perusing a new (to me) blog, Hello My Dear, I came across this Oliver People’s video/ad from their 2010 campaign, directed by Autumn De Wilde and starring Shirley Manson (I loooooved Garbage) and Elijah Wood (not so much with the Lord of the Rings, but okay). It’s pretty. And it makes me want to spend a gauzy spring day getting drunk in an abandoned mansion.

Sarah’s post also directed me to De Wilde’s website (isn’t that the perfect name for a music photographer?).  I’ve often seen her photography, but never all in one place and in one go like that. It really made me want to take more pictures. And make friends with some rock stars to take pictures of. While we all get drunk in abandoned mansions*.

*My regular friends will come, too (can’t forget about the little people).

3 Responses to “Eyeglasses and abandoned mansions”
  1. sarah says:

    Yay! I’m so glad to introduce you to these campaigns! And even so gladdier (yes, I know, not quite a word) to have found your lovely blog! What a great idea you’ve had here. You’ll be seeing more of me from now on. (have a good weekend!)

  2. xine says:

    drunk in abandoned mansions… that is so 15 years ago my dear. or, i am old.

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