Blogger jail (and high school football fashion)

I know. The amount that I’ve blogged here lately is criminal. I’m sorry. I just haven’t been watching very many movies lately. I’m stuck on TV, and while I love the West Wing to pieces, Capitol Hill fashion just isn’t my thing. The same with Texas high school style (I’m currently watching the final season of Friday Night Lights) – although I am kind of obsessed with Julie Taylor’s eyeshadow.

This video isn’t necessarily a good indication of her eyeshadow (she’s the blonde girl), but I tried to track down a photo or clip or something to show what I meant, and came across this promo, which I find hilarious. And not at all in keeping with the tone of the show. But sex sells, or something. And you should watch it, whether or not you felt compelled to by that clip, or by the fact that it’s about high school football. Because it’s about so much more than that. When I heard the premise I assumed it would be like the OC set in Texas, but it’s so nuanced and real and, and, and… perfect. I’m getting sad that it’s about to be over, but at the same time I want to sit down and watch the last 8 episodes in one sitting, just soaking in its glory for a bit.

That trailer was slightly more in keeping with the show’s tone – mostly because of the music. Plus it has pretty dresses. Moving image fashion!!

All to say: watch.


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