The glory that is Tilda Swinton

New years resolutions are meant to be broken, right?

So, I’m doing this thing wherein I forego TV, movies, books, the Internet, wheat, sugar, dairy, and restaurants. I kind of woke up one morning and thought, I am so tired of consuming things. I’m spending all of January (and the first few days of February) focusing on making and doing things that don’t involve me lounging. What this means is that it’s a little hard for me to watch movies that I can then blog about. Pout.

One of my main projects for the month, though, is film and fashion related – I’m writing an essay about I Am Love. Part of my research involves reading interviews with Tilda Swinton, which are proving to me that my innate love for her is totally matched by her actual awesomeness.

Tilda on creativity (from Subverting Images of the Female, an interview by Lizbeth Gordon):

It’s a myth that women are not creative. It’s a mistake to read women’s receptivity as non-creative. It’s women’s greatest secret that their receptivity is not anything to do with passivity, that their receptivity is their greatest strength and source of creativity. Unfortunately, it is also a secret that’s been kept from us, or that we keep from ourselves.

I feel sorry for men. I feel sorry for men because for them, receptivity is given a bad name from the word go, because it implies (for them) weakness, indecision, insufficiency, fear. It threatens that male need to believe that all is contained within… that it is possible to generate, alone, anything at all. So the equation goes like this: if men would receive before they create, and if women would create with that which they receive, then maybe we’d be working with something like androgyny. That’s all it is: it’s no more mysterious than that. But it’s no easier either.

It was really interesting to read her perspective in light of my current aim to be more creative, and to have someone holding up the other stuff I do – the watching and integrating that makes up most of my life – as valuable. It was almost enough for me to say, Tilda says I can watch as much TV as I want and still be strong and creative so I can go back to normal life now. Almost. But I’m kind of enjoying this self-imposed exile. I vaguely considered doing it for a year (mostly so that I could write a blog about it that could be turned into a book which could then be turned into a movie). And then I realized that would be absolutely ludicrous. Plus, what would happen to my lovely little blog here? More importantly – what would happen to me? I think I would possibly start to resemble the lovely yet deranged-looking Ms. Swinton up there, my creative impulses turning against me.

In the meantime (17 days left!) I’m trying to come up with ways to post here that involve me being creative (gasp). I’m hoping these posts will involve stop motion animation and also hot glue. Because hot glue makes everything better. Film related craft ideas are more than welcome – they’re encouraged.


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