The Exploding Girl (or: Countdown to spring dresses)

You guys, the days are officially getting longer. By some weird design, though, that means we’ve just hit the beginning of winter. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with movies, popcorn, and mugs of hot chocolate with cayenne. Side note: Are you aware of how much more delicious freshly popped … Continue reading

Mattie Ross, style icon?

Yessir. I saw True Grit the other night. The trailer came on before Black Swan,  and the next day I told my roommate that I wanted to see it. “Oh,” she said. “If you want to go tonight you can give my name at an advance screening at the Lightbox.” Awesome. And yes, please. So … Continue reading

Black Swan costume sketches

So I saw Black Swan last night. I had no idea it was going to be that… intense. And creepy. It was absolutely amazing. The Swan Lake costumes by Rodarte were stunning. Here are sketches for the black swan and the white swan. Images via La Modella Mafia.

Want to see: Tiny Furniture

“I feel like this outfit just screams, like, I’ve been living in Ohio for four years, take me back to your gross apartment and have sex with me.” (Obviously not the naked outfit in the scene above. I just really liked that shot.) Add this to the queue of movies I really want to see. … Continue reading


Apparently Gucci is making 3D glasses. For watching movies. And TV, I guess. In 3D. They cost $225. Uh. Although I could possibly see myself spending…  maybe $15 if I could find a pair of these vintage ones for sale. They’re pretty adorable. Photo via.