Halloween: Movies and costumes

Is it just me, or is Count Orlok‘s coat kind of on trend?

So. Halloween.

My Halloween was full of film (and other moving images), and it was delightful.

If you like reading your horoscope (whether or not you then scoff at it) and haven’t yet had the pleasure of discovering Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology, you should check it out. The October 28th horoscopes featured costume suggestions. Mine (Aquarius): “a character from a film that changed your life for the better.”

This is my go-to costume every year, more or less (so long as you replace the word film with moving image). This year I planned to go as one of a bunch of Tetris pieces with a group of friends. I was going to be the S shape. Oh, Wikipedia just told me that the pieces are called tetrimonoes. Huh. Cool.  Anyways, Tetris definitely changed my life. I’m not sure if it was for the better or not… I have a tendency to get a bit addicted to puzzle games. Sadly, a lack of planning combined with an abundance of rum led to us abandoning our tetris costumes before they were done. Still, I love the idea. Who knew how much cardboard and paint you need to make four life-size tetrominoes? Not I.

Last year I went as Liz Lemon. This involved me adding a pair of glasses and a bag of Sabor de Soledad chips to my usual grad student wear. The year before I was Annie Hall. That time I added a vest and tie to my everyday clothes. I promise, I really love Halloween. For some reason, though, my costumes are always very last minute. And apparently when they’re planned, they don’t actually happen.

On the Friday of the Halloween weekend I watched Glen or Glenda. It was amazing, and made next to no sense. We decided that an excellent costume would be for one person to be Glen and one to be Barbara.

Whoever was Glen could just constantly be stroking Barbara’s sweater. It would be fantastic.

I also watched about half an hour of Shrooms. A group of college kids take a trip to Ireland, where they are super psyched to do mushrooms. Um? Worst. Premise. Ever. I’m totally down with the idea of a drug trip gone awry, but why Ireland? What?

On Sunday I went to see a screening of Nosferatu in an old church, complete with live organ accompaniment. It was pretty fantastic. What a creepy film.

How was your Halloween? What were you? And if you were to go as a character from a film (or moving image) that changed your life for the better, who (or what) would you choose?

One Response to “Halloween: Movies and costumes”
  1. I heard good things about Shrooms.

    Also, a character that changed my life? Buffy. Done and done.

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