Horror movies come to life

Or rather, come to death. I totally forgot that today was Toronto’s Zombie Walk, so I was super excited when I was wandering around Kensington and a massive crowd of zombies started walking past me. It made my day. Some of the costumes were AMAZING (zombie Smurfs!). Also awesome: when a nearby store started blasting … Continue reading

Black, white and grey

My current place of work is about as casual as you can imagine. Day after day I wear jeans and a t-shirt.  At first I kind of liked it. Lately, though, on days I don’t work I find myself wanting to dress up a little, even when I’m not doing anything more than a trip … Continue reading

Me Without You (or: I just can’t get enough fishnet and taffeta)

This song randomly found its way into my life twice yesterday afternoon, and it inspired me to watch the movie it always makes me think of, Me Without You, by British director Sandra Goldbacher. Me Without You details the mega-intense friendship between Holly (Michelle Williams) and Marina (Anna Friel), from their adolescence in the 70s … Continue reading

Une bande-annonce si belle

While I was doing a five week French Immersion program this past summer, one of the words I looked up (a couple of times, because I kept forgetting it) was the French for “trailer.” The term is “bande-annonce,” and a friend of mine just posted this bande-annonce for Xavier Dolan’s latest film, Les amours imaginaires … Continue reading

There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman

It’s amazing how a single item of clothing can so perfectly call to mind a character (or an entire film). This American Psycho poster is my favourite of Every Guyed‘s Dress the Part: 10 Movie Posters Inspired by Men’s Style. So rad. Via Clothes on Film.

Film fashion. Literally.

photo via Jaime Winstone (um, she’s British. And an actress. I had never heard of her either.) at the Virgin Media Shorts Awards. I really like her booties, but would prefer them minus the mirrored? clear? platforms on the bottom.