Nowhere Boy (or: Happiness is a warm cardigan)

I saw Nowhere Boy a couple of nights ago. Artist Sam Taylor-Wood‘s first feature is a biopic, focusing on the young John Lennon’s relationships with his aunt, who raised him, and his mother, as well as the formation of the band that would evolve into the Beatles. I really enjoyed the film. I found the pacing to be a bit uneven, but the performances were wonderful and it looked absolutely gorgeous – the framing was especially amazing, not surprising given the fact that Taylor-Wood is a photographer.

Set in the late 50s, the strongest feeling I had upon leaving the theatre (intermingled with others, rest assured) was a very strong craving for a good cardigan (and Kristin Scott Thomas – who was amazing – ‘s glasses. Quel surprise.).

So I ran all over the mall yesterday afternoon searching for the perfect cardigan, to no avail. It was really quite sad. I found a few that were in gross, plastic-y feeling fabrics, or had bad buttons. I’m kind of a stickler for perfect buttons, although I guess they would be easy enough to replace. If you have any recommendations for affordable, nicely fitted, classic cardigans in natural fabrics, let me know, please.

I really loved the film’s colour palette, with its cerulean, gold and coral. You can see all three in this shot of John (Aaron Johnson) and his mum (Anne-Marie Duff). I loved this blouse – black and taupe with ochre and teal stripes (you can just barely see the teal on her right shoulder) – and the coral nail polish.

And of course, you know I’m a sucker for black and white. And bows:

Also: How is it possible that cool looks exactly the same 50 years later?

2 Responses to “Nowhere Boy (or: Happiness is a warm cardigan)”
  1. I love the rolled jeans look in the screen caption. I didn’t notice it at all in the poster but it caught my attention in the still, for sure.

    I don’t think I could ever pull off that sort of cool, which means i have sheer admiration and jealousy for those who can.

    • Ange Friesen says:

      Michael, I totally think you could (and often do) pull off that kind of cool. Okay, maybe slightly less rock and roll (the fact that you don’t smoke gets in the way a bit), but still, I can imagine you in this outfit. I think it could work.

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