Happy 90210

September 2, 2010. How did it get to be September? How did it get to be 2010? Where is my self-driving car? Where is my robot?  (I really want a roomba just so I can say I have a robot.)

Anyways, back to the occasion at hand: I love Beverly Hills 90210. I was just the right age when it came on for it to be the height of drama, passion and sophistication. I was actually probably too young to be watching it, according to most parenting magazines, but I usually disagree with parenting magazines about what’s appropriate for young minds. I think all of those love triangles were key to my mental and emotional development. Maybe.

And to my fashion development? I think all that spandex is lurking, deep in the recesses of my mind, waiting to pounce when I least expect. Preferably in a vibrant floral pattern. Same with the poofy bangs and brown lipstick. All three of these things played big roles, at one point or another, in my style evolution. Big, regrettable roles. I like to think that after having experienced them once I’ve developed an immunity, in case they come back into style. We’ll see.

In honour of the occasion: Vegetable corsages and giant bows, straight from 1991.


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