Sick day movies

I’m fighting off a cold. Along with the fluids and sleep traditionally recommended for staving off sickness, I’m a big fan of time spent on the couch watching movies. I, for one, revert to a total child when I get sick, and that includes my taste in films. For some reason all I want to … Continue reading

Nowhere Boy (or: Happiness is a warm cardigan)

I saw Nowhere Boy a couple of nights ago. Artist Sam Taylor-Wood‘s first feature is a biopic, focusing on the young John Lennon’s relationships with his aunt, who raised him, and his mother, as well as the formation of the band that would evolve into the Beatles. I really enjoyed the film. I found the … Continue reading

Metropolitan (or: Bows)

I finally watched Metropolitan, and while I enjoyed the experience, I was left feeling slightly uncertain what to make of it. Made in 1990, the film often feels like it belongs to a much earlier era. This tension between the present and the past is a key theme in the film, which focuses on a … Continue reading

Dressing for TIFF

Finally finally finally I am in Toronto for TIFF. In past years I would sigh my way through that 11 day period in September, disappointed by the fact that while the Vancouver or Atlantic film fest would be imminent – and would be awesome – those festivals would lack one important ingredient: lots of famous … Continue reading

In moving colour

I think this Kodak colour film test from 1922 (13 years before the first full length colour feature) is beautiful. I love the 20s aesthetic – the clothes, the silhouettes, the faces, the hair. I especially love the hair on the last girl.

Act Da Fool (or: “throw down the booty and find god.”)

The fashion world has been doing a lot with moving images lately, alongside more traditional print campaigns, and designers are often using fashion films to establish mood and highlight key looks from their collections, hoping to connect with consumers who spend much of their time online. While some are gorgeous and visually arresting, I often … Continue reading

Happy 90210

September 2, 2010. How did it get to be September? How did it get to be 2010? Where is my self-driving car? Where is my robot?  (I really want a roomba just so I can say I have a robot.) Anyways, back to the occasion at hand: I love Beverly Hills 90210. I was just … Continue reading

Not that I needed an excuse for a trip to Paris

But the A Shaded View of Fashion Film festival is happening at the end of the month. That preview made me laugh (but only on the inside) a couple of times, and also go, ooh. I’m pretty sure that’s what fashion’s about. Ooohahaha.