I’m guessing this will involve flannel.

I recently discovered ThunderAnt (“a comedy duo featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein”) and I kind of love them a lot. Apparently they’re making a TV show for the Independent Film Channel set in Portland (Oregon, not Maine), called Portlandia. Fashionwise, I think it will be amazing. Like this x8000: Reason #342 I wish I … Continue reading

Lurve loave luff

If you were to ask me my number one cinematic style icon, I would probably have to say Annie Hall. Actually, if you were to ask me my number one anything film related, chances are high that I would answer with Annie Hall. As such, I adore by these prints by Mike Oncley (discovered via … Continue reading

Martin Scorsese for Chanel

Martin Scorsese directed an ad for Chanel’s new “men’s fragrance” Bleu de Chanel. It’s a little ridiculous, in a very pretty way. They’ve carried the cinematic theme over to the web copy, dividing the fragrance not into layers of scent or notes, but “acts”. Act 1: “A spirited burst of freshness ripples across the skin.” … Continue reading

Secretary (or: You are a visual representation of my business, and the way you dress is disgusting. Then super hot)

I watched Secretary last night. I saw it for the first time some time soon after it came out in 2002, and for some reason I found it entirely unremarkable. A good friend of mine, someone whose taste I absolutely trust, counts it as her favourite film of all time, so I decided I should … Continue reading

The oh so romantic relationship between commerce and art

J. Crew has shacked up with upcoming film The Romantics, so everyone involved looks really, really pretty. I think this was pretty damn smart on both sides, even though it makes me feel slightly dirty. What? Film is a business, not just (or even at all, in too many cases) art? The movie looks… I’m … Continue reading

Télémode: Fashion is Danger

A friend of mine drew my attention to this Flight of the Conchords video today, and I had to steal it to share. It was too in sync (and in synth) with the new wave vibe started with yesterday’s Pretty in Pink post. Oh Jemaine. Swoon. How have I not seen the second season of … Continue reading

Pretty in Pink (or: Please, please, please let me get what I want this time. Iona’s sense of style)

From its opening frames — a series of hyper-close-ups of Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) getting dressed in her eclectic handmade outfit — it is clear that Pretty in Pink is a film about fashion, about style, and about what the things we wear say about us, along with what they don’t say. Andie is a … Continue reading

What colour is that shirt supposed to be?

I found this post at the Criterion Collection blog, about the process and challenge of getting the colour right in their releases, fascinating. Given the impact this could have on the way audiences perceive the costuming, along with the fact that their test case is L’enfance nue, by Maurice Pialat (who made À nos amours), … Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen (or: The style of his soul)

You know those friends who are just 8000 times cooler than you are? The ones who are constantly introducing you to the amazing things that they love and then you love them too because they are just so perfect? My friend Claire is like that. I first met Claire when she was 12 and I … Continue reading

Florence + The Machine: Dog Days are Over

The styling in this video for Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine is absolutely stunning. The song is also amazing, and a bit addictive: soulful, driving, textured… and there’s clapping. I love clapping in songs. The blue backup dancers immediately reminded me of… the magician’s assistant in Beetlejuice (a film that most … Continue reading