Rodarte (fashion label headed by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy) has long been on my radar (mostly because I love sisters who are involved in creative partnerships – I am especially sensitive to this theme right now because my sister and I are finally going to be living in the same city again very soon, and I am super excited to do lots of awesome fun creative things with her). Only since I’ve started researching the intersection of film and fashion, though, have I really come to appreciate their radness. They just do so much cool film related stuff. Stuff like:

1. Costumes for Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky’s next feature stars Natalie Portman as a ballerina who gets the lead in a production of Swan Lake. Rodarte designed the costumes for the production of the ballet that takes place within the film, and the first image that’s been released looks pretty spectacular.

Maybe I can go see it at the Venice International Film Festival when it premieres in September and report back. Here’s hoping.

2. Breathless T-shirts

In honour of the 50th anniversary release of Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless this spring, the Mulleavy sisters collaborated with Rialto Pictures to design a t-shirt inspired by what I think is one of the most iconic wardrobe pieces in film history, Jean Seberg’s New york Herald Tribune Shirt.

The original:

The $125 “t-shirt inspired by”:

And yes, I think $125 is slightly (ahem-obscenely) ridiculous. But that’s okay. There are lots of ways of being in this world. That’s one of them.

3. Their weird short fashion sci-fi film Aanteni

This girl wanders all over an empty, post-apocalyptic seeming LA. She wears cool dresses and I like the way they’ve done her hair. You can watch it on

4. The Criterion Collection people dig them

In a testament to how rad they must be, Criterion Collection asked the sisters for a list of their top 10 CC films. Astoundingly I’ve only seen 5 of the 10. At the top of my list from those I have yet to see: Metropolitan. ‘Cause there ain’t no fashion like cotillion fashion. Also: La Collectionneuse. Because I can tell from the mini screen-shot that I would love that outfit.

So, basically, I’ve found Rodarte encompass three of my favourite things in life (Yay film! Yay clothes! Yay sisters!), and therefore I now love them.

Dear Rodarte branding people,

Well done.



Oh yeah. I guess I should show you one of their designs. (but –  but-  who needs product when you’ve got a great brand?)

Here is Mia Wasikowsa in Rodarte at the premiere of the Kids are Alright, which is at the absolute top of my list of movies to see.

photo from the lipstick diaries

I can see how some people might not love this, but I think it’s so awesome. Especially that neckline. And the epaulettes. And the hair (which I realize Rodarte had no hand in, but still).

And here is another Rodarte dress worn by Ms. Wasikowska, whom I just adore.

In other news, tonight I’m going to see Coco and Igor (I just typed Coco vs. Igor, which could be a better title). I expect gorgeous costume overload.

6 Responses to “Rodarte”
  1. I’m totally in love with Wasikowsa’s hair.

  2. alexandra says:

    Yes, you MUST see La Collectioneuse…I feel like I have told you this before. All the Rohmer films have great outfits. Also, Metropolitan is hilarious. Just remember, though, it is the 1980s. 1980s society fashion…pretty gross.

    Rodarte did a fashion line for target. I so so so wanted to like it. But not my style. And totally cheap. too bad.

  3. EK says:

    Yes, let’s go to Venice! Sounds fun.

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