Eat Pray Love Shop

Full disclosure: I kind of adore Elizabeth Gilbert. I find her warm, engaging, funny and appealing, and this TED talk she gave on creativity is one of my favourite things (Like Oprah, I am fond of both favourite things and E.G. Or maybe Oprah secretly hates E.G. I would actually not be surprised.). I also enjoyed Eat Pray Love. I know it comes from an über-privileged perspective, but I found it to be all of those things I find E.G. to be. I’m not all that psyched about the movie, but I’m guessing I’ll see it. Javier Bardem does a lot to counterbalance the presence of Julia Roberts.

But you guys. Have you ever traveled for three months? Because I’m not sure that these Eat Pray Love: the movie based fashions are very practical choices to make when you pack your bags (and by bags I mean bag):

The next time I travel I want to take a t-shirt, a tank top, a pair of silk-weight pants, a skirt, and a big scarf. Yeah, undoubtedly my jeans will find their way into my bag and I will later curse them (probably when I flee the hostel because my credit card has been declined and my laundry is still sopping wet after I attempted to wash it in the communal shower), but beaded dresses and… capes? Do you have any idea how heavy beads are?


But I have to admit that these Eat Pray Love perfumes could come in very handy in certain situations. And I really hope that “Eat” smells like fresh pasta.


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