Greenberg (or: The men dress like children, the children dress like superheroes, and the women dress like pretty ladies)

I watched Greenberg a few days ago. I’m still not sure what I think about it, but I am still thinking about it, so that must mean it’s good. Right? I’m not entirely sure what it is that has me on the fence; I’m usually totally okay with movies about neurotic man-children who make it with girls who obviously deserve way better. I did laugh out loud multiple times, so I think I actually really liked it…

Greenberg wasn’t what you would call a fashion smorgasbord. Mostly just Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) wandering around LA wearing a lot of brown and being acerbic (my favourite line in the film, Greenberg on Los Angeles fashion: “All the men out here dress like children, and the children dress like superheroes.”). Still, the light and the heart of the film comes in the form of Florence (Greta Gerwig : the aforementioned girl who deserves better), a lovely 25-year-old personal assistant and singer, whose wardrobe injects some of said light and heart into the costuming.

This dress. I don’t really go for florals, but this dress… This dress is so summer, and youth, and sexiness, and purity.  There’s a moment in the film where Florence takes off her bulky cardigan and we (and Greenberg) are confronted by the loveliness of her in this dress. It is the most potent moment in the film.

And then:

Because you know I’m a sucker for girls in cute sweaters and no pants.

BUT. While Florence is the light and heart of the film, Beth (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, who makes everything 625% better) is the bit of glinting metal, all sharp and cool and closed, attractive and unassailable. She is the girl who obviously deserves better turned woman who knows it. Case in point, her expression right here:

She is too cool. And those glasses? Swoon. This scene (among the most awkward pseudodate scenes ever) was definitely my favourite fashion moment. Score one more for girls who wear glasses.

2 Responses to “Greenberg (or: The men dress like children, the children dress like superheroes, and the women dress like pretty ladies)”
  1. Shelly says:

    Beautiful! Any idea what kind of glasses those are? They need to disclose that information in the director commentary.

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