Vintage Balenciaga

Stills from a great short video of Balenciaga at work circa 1966 via A Shaded View on Fashion. Advertisements

Coco & Igor (Or: What’s black and white and about two complete jerks?)

“You don’t like colour, Mademoiselle Chanel?” “As long as it’s black.” (Best quote ever.) I was right. Coco & Igor was gorgeous costume overload. It was also gorgeous house overload. Sadly, it was also complete jerk overload. Basically, Coco Chanel invites Igor Stravinsky and his family to stay in her home. He pounds on the … Continue reading


Rodarte (fashion label headed by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy) has long been on my radar (mostly because I love sisters who are involved in creative partnerships – I am especially sensitive to this theme right now because my sister and I are finally going to be living in the same city again very soon, … Continue reading

On the awesome meter: epic

I am super psyched to see Scott Pilgrim when it comes out. It looks absolutely awesome. I just discovered that you can create your own Scott Pilgrim Avatar, and boy did I ever. So addictive. I found out about this via Paste Magazine, where you can find the Scott Pilgrimizations of a selection of everyone’s … Continue reading

Reality Bites (Or: We’re on the road to nowhere, but we sure do look fine)

I’ve been craving a good, old-fashioned viewing of Reality Bites lately. Maybe it’s because I just graduated, and am myself currently occupying that floaty, uncertain space known as the cusp of real life. So today I closed the curtains against the world outside, made myself a pot of Kraft Dinner (although I replaced the macaroni … Continue reading

Exploding with awesome

I have the feeling that when this comes out (in a form from which I can gather screencaps), there will just be page after page after page of amazing outfits worn by amazing women on amazing bicycles. I can’t wait to see this. Found via Bust.

Eat Pray Love Shop

Full disclosure: I kind of adore Elizabeth Gilbert. I find her warm, engaging, funny and appealing, and this TED talk she gave on creativity is one of my favourite things (Like Oprah, I am fond of both favourite things and E.G. Or maybe Oprah secretly hates E.G. I would actually not be surprised.). I also … Continue reading

Greenberg (or: The men dress like children, the children dress like superheroes, and the women dress like pretty ladies)

Greenberg wasn’t what you would call a fashion smorgasbord. Mostly just Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) wandering around LA wearing a lot of brown and being acerbic (my favourite line in the film, Greenberg on Los Angeles fashion: “All the men out here dress like children, and the children dress like superheroes.”).

À nos amours (or: I want to dress like a Parisian teenager circa 1983)*

While the whole film was more than amazingly composed, the costuming was complete outfit porn. I was plunged into a state of aching lust. Coral red and teal and grey and blue and perfectly loose t-shirts with flared skirts and heels and geometric patterns and cuffed jeans and oh oh oh.